Estimate your project costs with the LEAP Licence Calculator

Why pay the same price for a manager that logs in once a week and an administrator that uses the system every day?

LEAP’s pricing is based on how much your users actually interact with your system. This means the amount you pay is linked directly to the value that LEAP adds to your business. Purchase User Licence Activity Credits (ULACs) in advance and then top up as needed. The more you buy, the less they cost.  

Simply enter the number of users you anticipate in each of the four categories below to get an indication of your monthly costs.


Uses the system most working days for at least a few hours

Uses the system two or three times a week

Uses the system about once a week

Uses the system once or twice a month (e.g. customer or supplier)

Please only enter digits in the user count boxes.

£ 0
£ 0
£ 0

Ten users or fewer? There is a minimum monthly businesses user allowance of ten. If you think this applies to you please get in touch so we can better understand your requirements.