End to end process mapping, improvement and implementation

We listen first, plan later – this allows us to build clearly defined stages of analysis to ensure all important information is gathered logically. This helps to solve pain points early and identify opportunities for process improvements. With the team you can detail expectations and skill limitations, plus identify where permissions should be included to ensure your process is safe and articulate.

We then deliver you a working process, built in our LEAP Low-code platform so that you can explore it’s robustness and assess suitability for implementation. With us you can explore:

  • What works – current best practice and customer expectation
  • What is causing the blockages and back decisions up with data
  • Where automation is critical
  • Where human intervention is still necessary
  • Detail expectations and skill limitations
  • What outcomes are required for customers
  • Identify where permissions should be included
  • How the process can act as a tool for the business
  • Legislation that dictates the process
  • Key administrators, supporters and end users of the system.
  • We will also help to map potential future improvements once the new process is established and performing well. This allows the businesses to address emerging concerns or meet changing regulation quickly.

Critical change experts

Integration | Our extensive experience in process mapping deployment means that we naturally have worked with a huge range of external systems, platforms and other processes which often form critical infrastructure. Our team can work with you to ensure integration is safe and seamless.

Users | Adoption of a new system is often tricky for staff members, especially if their current system has been in place for an extensive period. We offer comprehensive training through which, you and your team will learn the full capacity of LEAP, to ensure that your organisation remains in control of that process and it’s evolution.

Data | It all starts with data. You will get out of your process what you put in. by accurately mapping your data you can extract nuance information that would be critical to automated workflows and rule-based decision making.

Next steps

Should you decide to move to a working version of the improved process for trial, the team at FLOvate would then configure your proof of concept solution so you can ensure its suitability. This will be built in LEAP and is a free of charge service. If you need assistance with planning, our skilled team of Business Analysts are on hand to run a thorough analysis of your processes. This normally takes 1 – 2 days depending on the complexity of your challenge.

If you would like to book a discovery session, please contact our Solutions Team below or call us on 0330 111 0570.

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