Reporting | Powerful, instant dashboards

Map Your Data exactly as you need it, automate your reports.

Our sophisticated dashboard tool offers LEAP users the chance to create as many reports as they require, easily and instantly. Within the dashboards you can explore all data fully and at granular level. Plus, each recipient can receive the info they need in their own dashboard whenever they need without manual intervention.

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Drag-And-Drop Dashboard Designer Studio

The LEAP Dashboard Design Studio allows users to quickly create fully interactive reporting dashboards without having to write a single line of code.

Utilise a range of different graphical reporting components such as Pivot Tables, Graphs, Gauges and Maps to visualise your data.


Drill-Down into Your Data With Interactive Filters

With a single click, each dashboard component can instantly provide you with additional insight.

Data can be filtered, searched and drilled down into, allowing you to spot trends in real time and identify key information.


Schedule Report Packs and Email Distribution Lists

Set up a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Schedule, define a list of email addresses and LEAP will automatically make sure your reports reach the right people at the right time.

Perfect for month-end MI and board-packs for key stakeholders.


Create Multi Format Rich Text Reports

Use the powerful Report Design Studio to create document-based reports in multiple formats such as PDF, MS Word and MS Excel.

Simply drag the data and images you require directly from your database into your report

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