Workflow | Automation and efficiency

Automate what you can to ensure the right action is taken at the right time.

LEAP’s workflow function delivers a fast and powerful tool to deliver core automation objectives. Rule based planning allows you to systemise time and labour heavy tasks allowing you to free up workforce and drive productivity.

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Workflow queues

Ensure your teams always have the information they require to make decisions and take actions.

Tasks are automatically routed to the correct users or specialist teams to streamline your process and free up thousands of man hours.

Estimated task completion times provide workload balancing and escalation in the event of missed SLA’s.


Automated decision making

The powerful LEAP Decision Engine provides the ability to automate business rules and rapidly evaluate complex calculations.

The simple to use Rule Editor allows operations managers to create and edit System Triage logic, Fraud Indicators, Financial Calculations and many more.

Provide huge improvements in efficiency and service by ensuring consistent and rapid decision making.


Intelligent task allocation

LEAP provides a number of ways to allocate tasks in order to automatically optimise your workflow and ensure no process ever gets stuck.

Choose from random, round-robin or intelligent automation based on workload and availability to shorten your process cycle time.


Flexible automation

Because processes don’t always follow the ‘best-case’ scenario, linear workflow models aren’t always suitable.

That’s why LEAP provides hundreds of Workflow Event triggers. Think of them like ‘hooks’ onto which your workflow can be attached. This allows you to cater for any scenario, even the unforeseen.


Integrated conditional authority module

Define Authority Templates that will automatically prompt senior staff to authorise certain activity before it can be carried out.

Authority can be based on field conditions, documents or financials. For example, allow managers to sign off on invoices, or supervisors on vacation requests.


Customisable buttons

Extend your system with unlimited functionality with LEAP Buttons. Each Button can be given a custom icon and assigned workflow.

Control the visibility of your buttons to ensure only they only appear when required and only to those users with permissions.

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