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Effective Policy Management.

Smoother Customer Transactions.

LEAP for Policy Management can help you automate and streamline your processes. Increasing efficiency by minimising the time spent chasing documents and people. Powered by the LEAP low-code platform, it is fully configurable to your processes and your business needs.

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Making Policy Management Pain Free

Focus on what’s most important to your organisation. Utilise LEAP for Policy Management and you will:

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Improve Customer Experience

Provide your customers with a state-of-the-art digital experience. LEAP for Policy Management makes data and processes easy to manage, with simple graphical tools to implement your workflow.

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Automate Your Process

Whether you choose to implement a process flow from FLOvate or create your own, our powerful tools – including an integrated ratings engine, decision engine and robotic process automation – make it possible.

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Keep Everyone Updated

Stay compliant, inside and outside your organisation, with LEAP’s powerful CRM. Powerful tools – including automatic compliance/regulatory checks and/or any desired sign offs – keep everyone in the loop. 

Features that work for you

LEAP includes all of the features you need to improve your Policy Management process, from customer online portals to real-time dashboards and much more.
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Robotic process automation

LEAP removes human intervention from specific tasks, and can be set to run periodically or as a result of another task or action. As a result, your process runs smoothly and effectively 24/7.  

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Reports and dashboards

Dashboards represent your data visually and interactively. From charts and tables to graphs and maps: LEAP makes your key data easy to digest. 

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Integrated workflows

LEAP integrates your claims database and associated workflow into one powerful solution. Add in flexible workflows and a vast range of powerful actions and you’ll get a streamlined, digital policy management process.

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Customer access portals

Add in a self-serve portal to your LEAP solution and empower customers. Flexible web forms and appropriate access permissions make it easy for customers to securely track, manage and update information wherever they are.

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Decision engine

Utilise the LEAP decision engine to automate decision making based on your set of rules and conditions. The rule editor can make complicated calculations and rapidly evaluate data sets, minimising risk and improving efficiency.

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Automated renewals

Set triggers that contact your customers when their renewal is due, sends reminders and automatic renewals based on your business rules. All this is easy to set and manage within LEAP.

Implement LEAP into your Organisation for Enhanced Policy Management  

Bring your customers into the process. Empower them to participate with your process directly. All this while ensuring that you stay compliant with in-line checks and approvals.

In line compliance

LEAP lets you configure compliance checks and approvals as part of your policy process, rather than as costly post process additions. Plus, approvals are sent to approvers instantly, bringing extra speed to the process.

Enhanced digital customer experience

LEAP enables your customers to access the system via a simple web interface. As a result, they can interact with the process directly – saving time and money. Not only this: automated updates sent via SMS and email keep the process on track.

Delivering optimal outcomes

LEAP for Policy Management features digital tools that make processes easy to manage. For example, you can automate checks, both regulatory and during underwriting, via automation or assisted execution. In turn, you speed the process towards its optimal outcome.

Efficient digital processes

Seamless integration between process and data empowers you to automate actions and digitally help decision making. Plus, robotic process automation offers an array of process actions to help you build a robust, flexible and powerful policy management process.

How much will this cost?

We offer a choice of three flexible pricing models starting from £30 per user, per month. We can advise which one will be right for you based on your business and hosting needs. To discuss your new Policy Management system, please get in touch with our team.

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