5 Simple Ideas: Managing Workflows in the Cloud

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5 Simple Ideas That Will Improve Your Efficiency Part 3 – Working in the Cloud

For years, we have relied on the trusty PC or Mac to provide us with all the information that we need. But cloud technology has changed all that. Described as one of Gartner’s ‘Nexus of Forces,’ cloud technology is now part of the the world that we live and breathe as consumers. From accessing our pictures via Dropbox to downloading apps for our iPhone, we now assume that we can access anything, anywhere. So why not your business processes too?

Cloud computing is not a fad but part of a growing trend that’s gained momentum in the last decade. At FLOvate, we gave our customers the option to manage their processes in the cloud years ago; today, we continue to develop our software in the cloud alongside desktop versions. This has many benefits for our customers:

  1. No servers to maintain – with LEAP in the cloud, information is created  and backed up automatically. There’s no hardware or software to manage – that’s our job!
  2. No barriers – using our workflow solution, users can update processes, add users and work as though they are in the office, from the convenience of the hotel or coffee shop.
  3. Ease to set up and access – with LEAP in the cloud, just open your browser, log in and start managing your processes
  4. No duplication – version control means others cannot work on a process application simultaneously, removing rework
  5. No need for USBs or other storage devices – all your process applications are stored safely in the cloud, subject to industry-standard protocols.
  6. A great experience – regardless of device. Our development team is committed to providing the best, most modern user interface on devices as they come to market.

So whether you choose to work on the desktop, from your iPhone or tablet, you can be sure of a great working experience!

To find out more about our highly competitive cloud pricing options, or how working in the cloud could benefit you, just get get in touch.