FLOvate Announces New Strategic Partnership

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FLOvate Announces Partnership with Hannaford Associates Stephen Cooper

FLOvate Solutions, the Ipswich-based provider of the LEAP Business Process Management (BPM) platform, and Stephen Cooper, of compliance consultancy Hannaford Associates, have announced the signing of a new partnership.
The partnership will create opportunities for FLOvate to extend its footprint in the financial services industry, with clients that include global insurance brokerage Willis Group.
Stephen is a highly experienced financial services practitioner with over 20 years’ service including at Board level. He will help management understand the benefits of investing in workflow solutions for commercial regulatory and audit purposes, including addressing EU Directives. 

Sean Brownell and Stephen Cooper (L-R) collaborate at FLOvate HQ, Ipswich
Sean Brownell and Stephen Cooper (L-R) collaborate at FLOvate HQ, Ipswich

Helping hand for EU Directives

“Now more than ever, firms will be judged on how they manage their data,” says Stephen. “From meeting the growing tide of EU directives to internal audit procedures, knowing how to accurately gather the information can be an onerous task.

“Too many firms are stuck with circa 2005 IT systems that are so expensive and cumbersome that they’re no longer even a solution, but an obstruction.

“With workflow, boards may easily produce better data for less and become more dynamic – without significant impact on the IT budget.

“In my experience, LEAP would be of intense interest to individuals in financial services that are struggling with the old-fashioned way of doing things and are looking for solutions.”

Workflow enabling compliance

FLOvate business analysts can quickly deliver an easy-to-use, online workflow management system accessible day or night.

Using LEAP, scoping, executing and optimising the processes required to meet reporting needs is simple and cost-effective.

A low-code platform, LEAP empowers firms to appreciate, originate and deliver process changes themselves, avoiding the need for costly IT and consultancy. Being cloud-based, LEAP offers all the benefits of online access, delivered quickly for a modest licence fee.

Interested parties are invited to get in touch with Stephen for an initial consultation, followed by an opportunity to view the software in action by FLOvate Sales Director, Sean Brownell.

Sean comments: “We know from our customers that meeting regulation is a real burden to business. Our complaints handling solutions for example have been very well received. I’m really looking forward to discussing how FLOvate can deliver a competitive edge for financial services.”

Take the next step

To book an appointment with Stephen, please email: scooper@hannafordassociates.com.

For more information about Business Process Management, including educational guides and videos, visit the FLOvate website.

Interested in becoming a FLOvate partner? Get in touch.

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