Quantuma select The LEAP Low-code Platform for their improved Stakeholder service delivery process

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Quantuma has selected The LEAP Platform to ensure an excellent and efficient service for their Stakeholders via powerful workflow, seamless integrations and responsive communications.

The LEAP Solutions Team are excited to announce a new partnership with Quantuma, the leading insolvency solutions experts. Founded in 2013, Quantuma offers tailored advice to a large and expanding number of businesses and individuals – delivering partner-led solutions to help solve and alleviate the pressures of those facing financial distress.

The LEAP Solutions Team were tasked with the delivery of a system to heighten Quantuma’s operational efficiency – ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience for all Stakeholders with effectively managed processes to support this initiative.

The need for improved business outcomes and responsive communications were identified to facilitate Quantuma’s objectives, while ensuring client needs were acted upon promptly and all associated costs were reduced.

In response, the LEAP Solutions Team were confident in their ability to deliver a solution without compromise.

What LEAP has delivered for Quantuma: 

Improved Business Outcomes

Uniting Quantuma’s departments with a clear process workflow was the first initiative taken to ensure a well-structured operating model going forward. Within this workflow, users can initiate workflow queues with specific task allocation, implement Authority “sign-off” measures to ensure controlled data protocols are in place, and utilise a reporting dashboard suite – customisable with tailored analytics and time scheduled dispatch for Stakeholder performance updates.

The LEAP Solutions Team also deployed a seamless integration with Document Management Software “Virtual Cabinet” – so Quantuma could hit the ground running post-deployment alongside the systems they trust.

Improved Communications

Through LEAP’s easy to navigate online Portals external users and clients can easily communicate on pressing matters without needing physical meetings to initiate progression. To further mitigate the chance of delayed proceedings the LEAP Platform can alert system users of client action/sign-off of documentation via event triggers.

Reduced Costs

Through the power of automation, all repeatable admin-based tasks will be completed via event triggers within LEAP’s workflow so staff time isn’t wasted completing tedious documentation.

“We are delighted to be working with Quantuma to help assist with their process improvement plan. As experts in the field of process insolvency litigation, Quantuma are responsible for the handling and administration of a vast range of personal and technical data that requires uncompromising process optimisation. Their goal is to ensure the delivery of an excellent service to all Stakeholders and manage each process effectively to achieve an optimum outcome.

 A key focus for the team – to ensure compliance transparency and best practice – was that each process participant would be able to complete all necessary tasks, to facilitate that it was important that we build in critical reminders. This is something that LEAP can deliver quickly and easily, such a great fit for their requirements!

 The team from Quantuma will also be visiting LEAP’s training centre to get a hand on understanding as to how they can plan, build, test and deploy their own processes once the critical configuration has been completed.”

Joshua Knightley | Senior Solutions Manager

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