Claims Management Made Simple (Video)

Who ever you represent in the claims process, FLOvate has a solution. Learn about how the LEAP Claims solution can be tailored to any organisation within the claims process.

Why Choose FLOvate for Process Innovation? (Video)

Simple, Fast and Intuitive. Effective, Efficient, and Customer Focused. This is what FLOvate believes your software solution should be for you organisation. Watch our video to learn about LEAP and how FLOvate will work with you to build a software solution that fits perfectly with your business requirements.

Defining Your Process Configuration (Video)

You've derived your process, so what comes next? Watch our video to discover which physical elements you must consider for your process, and how you will be implementing them.

What is Process Design? (Video)

Watch our video to learn about how FLOvate will work with you to break down your process into elements and find the most efficient solution for your business.

5 Reasons To Move From Spreadsheets To System

5 Reasons To Move From Spreadsheets to System will help you understand the benefits of breaking up with Excel. FLOvate’s Edwin Harrell looks at the five weaknesses inherent in spreadsheets, and helps you build your case for investing in a business process management system such as LEAP Low Code by FLOvate.

10 Laws of Software Estimating

Why are software projects so difficult to estimate? Having spent over 250 combined years in the business of software estimating, the FLOvate team has devised the ‘10 Laws of Software Estimating’. In this article, we explain why accurate software estimating is so difficult – and how the LEAP low-code platform can help you overcome the challenge.

Is AI smarter than Humans?

Is AI smarter than Humans? Machines can solve problems very effectively. Using software, we can perform analyses involving incredibly complex calculations many times faster than the most proficient mathematician. Accurate, yes. Fast, most definitely. But is AI smart? It depends Read more…