The GDPR Support

The GDPR Compliance : Tackle your processes to stabilise data management and transparency with LEAP

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is rapidly approaching. As the new guidelines and compliance procedures quickly creep up on us, does your company know how to safeguard your data ready for the 25th May 2018 kick off date?

You will have data to organise (and find!) along with discovering what these new guidelines mean for you and your company’s future. Having your processes ready can seem unachievable in the given time constraints. But we can help. Our Team are well versed on building best practice measures into our process transformation projects, ensuring they are in perfect shape for May 2018.

Here are just a few ways LEAP can help:


LEAP has the ability to be hosted wherever you choose meaning all your data will be safely stored under one roof. You can host your data on your company’s local infrastructure, or on our recommended cloud platform Microsoft Azure.


LEAP can ensure your processes are secure and controlled thanks to our Permissions Module. This feature allows your Administrators to have authority over how different members of your workforce interact with the process. Your Admin Team can lock down certain parts of the application to ensure your staff only have access to the data and portals that are relevant to their job function.

You can also provide restricted access for clients and suppliers ensuring an accessible but secure digital supply chain, where data is shared on a “need-to-know” basis.


Operating similarly to the Permissions function; Authority Templates assist in increasing the speed and oversight of workflow. This is achieved by prioritising who can sign off tasks at specific stages of completion.

The Authority Module provides a systematic method of fulfilling internal compliance requirements, while allowing Company Seniors to track who is currently handling your data and where it is needed next.


LEAP’s Workflow capabilities ensure agility and efficiency. From Workflow Queues and Task Allocation for your team, to Automated Decision Making for your financial calculations and System Triage maintenance. Workflow keeps your data at the heart of your workplace and ensures your workforce handle it safely. The ability to monitor all these Workflow actions also ensures your Senior Level Team members can control their sector with greater confidence and control.


We understand the importance of ensuring efficient workplace operations post GDPR kick off, and thanks to LEAP’s automation capabilities this isn’t a problem. LEAP allows you to automate tasks and actions with alarms and triggers to ensure your team remain agile, timely and working to the best of their ability.


LEAP’s Document Template Editor ensures standardisation and automation across all your communications. You can add, remove and insert data merge fields into multiple document formats, giving you complete control over how you capture and manage your data.

LEAP also stores all your communications in a Document Template Library so you can easily capture data off new documents or roll back to older versions.


Our LEAP platform is 95% configurable with an uncapped development capacity. This means that you can easily respond to Legislative Guidelines of the future without damaging your data or application. LEAP’s “buildable” Workflow Wizard offers your company a genuine future-proof solution.


Interested? Contact us to arrange a planning workshop.

Explore your processes using our professional support. We offer a comprehensive Process Consultancy Service that can help you identify where critical optimisation actions can be taken, what problems are currently affecting your data, what tools/configuration we can offer and how these process improvements will comply with the new Legislation.