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White paper 1

What is Business Process Management?

An April 2016 report by Markets And Markets estimates that the global Business Process Management (BPM) market will be worth over £10 billion by 2021. This guide explores just what justifies this valuation.

BPM could be considered as the latest buzzword or piece of consultant speak, however in reality we have all been practising business process management in one way or another for years.

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White paper 2

Increasing the Quality of Processing

Quality is a matter of constant focus in the modern working environment. Organisations are under continual pressure, from clients, competitors and internal sources to deliver products and services at an increased, or at the very least consistent, level of quality. It is often the quality of an organisations product or service that sets it apart from its competitors.

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White paper 3

Improving your Level of Control

The Collins New Guild Dictionary defines control as “to have under command; to regulate; to check; to restrain; to direct”. A lack of control implies chaos, confusion and anarchy, a state under which no business can function. Without control an organisation will, sooner or later, fail.

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White paper 4

Workflow Software: Why invest?

Industry systems such as SharePoint and MS Dynamics claim to offer process management – but how do these applications fare when faced with real-world change? Read this paper to learn how, by leveraging the power of the back office, workflow software goes from nice-to-have to critical investment.

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White paper 5

8 Principles of Highly Efficient Businesses

By adopting lean principles, organisations of any size may reduce process cycles and increase time spent on value adding tasks. Learn eight ways to do more with less: from implementing tracking statuses and managing exceptions to effective task allocation and digital self-service.

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White paper 6

The GDPR and Low-code Technology

Unclear on the changes to the GDPR? Low code software can automate and streamline your approach and methodology, eliminating risk to both your data and your business.

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White paper 7

Low-code and the rapid transformation of your business and it’s processes

Low-code is the natural technology to implement business process management systems to drive innovation and growth.

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White paper 8

Operational efficiency: Improving productivity through business process management

In business, the meaning of the term “operational efficiency” can be easily confused. It is often used interchangeably with “efficiency” or “productivity”, for instance.

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White paper 9

An Introduction to Agile Business Process Management

Why is Agile BPM fast becoming more typical than exceptional in businesses worldwide? Follow on for more information on agile process management, its benefits, and what its adoption could mean for your organisation.

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White paper 10

The power of processes: Clarity for your customer and claims team

The claims industry and insurance landscape as a whole has been met with growing speculation regarding their ability to perform to their customer’s needs. The general consensus is that these industries are delivering a service that potentially shuts their consumers out. Leaving them unsure if their claim is being handled safely or appropriately.

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White paper 11

The rise of the Citizen Developer and the Low-code platform

Citizen Development is quickly becoming a highly recognisable term within the technology landscape. The appeal of these innovative developers who aren’t restricted by the confines of hard code have caused companies to rethink their hiring criteria, and look to the new Low-code technologies that Citizen Developers utilise. Their presence is game changing, with over 7.5 million professionals classing themselves as Citizen Developers.

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LEAP Brochure

Introduction to LEAP

Explore the key features and benefits of the LEAP workflow platform.

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FCA fact sheet

Fact sheet: Complaints Handling with LEAP

With great flexibility, LEAP keeps your organisation compliant with FCA guidelines and helps retains customers with a framework tailored to managing complaints. read on in our fact sheet.

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Insurance fact sheet

Fact sheet: LEAP for Insurance Brokers

Learn how the LEAP digitisation platform helps brokers improve productivity, compliance and speed to market.

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Digitisation fact sheet

Fact sheet: Digitise your Business with LEAP

You’ve planned your digital transformation strategy – now turn it into action! Learn how LEAP Low-code transforms ideas into apps!

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Workshop kit

Process Transformation & Planning Workshop Kit

  • Business process builder questionnaire
  • The anatomy of your process
  • Links and resources
  • ‘How to build an effective process and take it from idea to app’ OpEx Week presentation
  • ‘Why invest in workflow software?’ white paper
  • ‘Introduction to LEAP’ brochure
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Process kit

How to build an effective process and take it from idea to app

OpEx Week Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017 workshop presentation.

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