What is Low-code? (Video)

You've heard of low-code, but what is it? Watch our video to learn what low-code is, how it differs from hard-coded systems, and how your business can benefit by implementing a low-code solution.

What is a Process? (Video)

A process is defined as "a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end". But what does that mean exactly for your business? Watch our video to discover how defining your processes can lead to business transformation.

Replacing an Inflexible System (Video)

Replacing an inflexible system is something that all of us are faced with doing at some point. If this is you, then now could be the perfect time to discover low-code software. Watch our video to learn how LEAP allows you to build software that will evolve with your business.

Replacing a Manual Process (Video)

Do you have a manual process that you'd love to automate? Watch our video to discover how LEAP can save you time and money by digitising your processes.

LEAP for Complaints Handling

Effective and Efficient Complaints Management. LEAP for Complaints Management will allow you to track, manage and learn from all your complaints, enabling you to follow industry best practices whether you follow a formal or informal process. Download the brochure to find out more. 

Complaints Handling Made Simple (Video)

Keeping up-to-date with complaints handling regulations can be complex ... but what if it didn't have to be? Learn about how LEAP's flexible, configurable modules - including data management; workflow; communication tools; document management; and reporting - can help your business stay compliant and on top of your regulatory challenges.

LEAP for Claims Management

Automate and improve your claims processes. Built with the LEAP low-code platform, LEAP for Claims Management contains a range of powerful, flexible pre-configured building blocks to provide you with a tailored, top rate, digital claims management solution. Download the brochure to find out more today. 

LEAP Features Guide

Discover LEAP. With over 100 pre-configured building blocks, LEAP enables you to build a process management system for any organisational process. Ready to use and fully tested, the building blocks, combined with the FLOvate framework, mean you design, build and implement digital solutions, fast. Download our guide to find out more.

The Low-code Revolution (Video)

Until recently, off-the-shelf or unique hard-coded systems have been the norm for business applications. Now, low-code is offering a flexible approach to business app development. Watch our video to find out how you can use LEAP to build powerful applications that can be adapted to meet the exact demands of your organisation.