5 Simple Ideas: The Single Data Universe

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5 Simple Ideas That Will Improve Your Efficiency Part 1 – The Single Data Universe

To illustrate the power of this simple idea, let’s use an example that will probably resonate more with those of us born before the 90’s.

I spent my school years in a time where if I wanted to organise a kick-about down the park with my friend then I had to call his house phone and make small talk with his mum first. Whilst it’s easy to romanticise about a time where a ‘spam filter’ meant hiding the tin opener, homework was a very different proposition than it is today.

To complete your 500-word essay on King Henry VIII you had to gather information from a number of different sources; Library books, The Encyclopaedia Britannica, Textbooks and maybe, if you were lucky, Microsoft Encarta on CD-ROM. Contrast that with the situation today where all that information is available in one place – The Internet. In addition, thanks to Larry and Sergei, finding it is a simple matter of typing a few words into a Web Browser. We literally live in an age where if you touch your phone in the right places it will tell you everything you want to know about old King Henry.

It’s a simplistic example, but it illustrates the power of having everything you require in one easy-to-access place. Translate this to your business processes and it’s easy to see the disadvantages of having the information you need stored across multiple file systems, spreadsheets and emails.

Time spent searching for and maintaining all this data increases your process cycle time, reduces your efficiency and is time you should be spending on your business and your customers.

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to make big efficiency savings is to move to a system that is capable of storing all the data you need in one place. To compliment this, it should provide powerful search and filter tools that allow you to easily find what you’re looking for.

Capturing new data as your business evolves should be simple and shouldn’t need developers to write any new code. With LEAP, it’s quick and easy to add new fields to your process and, at the touch of a button, make them instantly and automatically available to your web, mobile and desktop users. Take a look at the video HERE to get an idea of how easy it is to manage data with LEAP.

If you’d like to find out more about how our clients are using LEAP to make big efficiency savings, get in touch or request a demo HERE.

And FYI – ‘Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived’ – that’s what I remember about King Henry VIII…Ok, fine, I Googled it.