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Claims Management

LEAP for Claims Management can automate and transform your claims processes. Built with the LEAP low-code platform, it contains a range of powerful, flexible functional building blocks that are configured to provide you with a tailored, highly effective, digital claims management solution.

Claims Management Made Simple | LEAP Low-code Platform
Claims Management Made Simple | LEAP Low-code Platform

Take the hassle out of managing claims

By digitising and streamlining the claims process you can free up the time your team spends on non-essential and administrative tasks, allowing them more time to spend on the business-critical aspects of their role, increasing productivity and increasing positive process outcomes.

Utilise LEAP for Claims Management and you will:

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Lower Indemnified Costs
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Improve Customer Experience
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Reduce Operational Costs

All of the features you need from your claims handling software

LEAP includes all of the features you need to improve your claims management process, from customisable forms to real-time dashboards and much more.

Integrated workflow and process management

LEAP closely integrates your claims database and associated workflows, into one powerful solution. With configurable workflows, Robotic Process Automation and a vast range or powerful actions, combined with both explicit and implicit artificial intelligence, your digitised claims process will be optimised, streamlined and improved.

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Manage permissions

Control how groups or individual access or interact with areas of the claim record with the permissions module. Grant access to users based on their job role, seniority or any other characteristics, ensuring the data is kept safe and secure and that you meet regulatory obligations such as those around data management and GDPR.

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Data capture forms and wizards

Configurable forms that can be designed so all the relevant and important information is captured at the time of the initial customer interaction. Improve speed and accuracy of data capture by utilising the wide range of available field types, including picklists, dates, tick boxes and rich text, plus validation rules and tools such as postcode lookup and spellcheck can further reduce inaccuracies. The forms can be used by your staff to complete data collection or emailed to customers and/or suppliers to complete remotely in their own time, any updated data will be seamlessly integrated with your central database via the workflow configuration. The email communication speeds up the process and the workflow integration eliminating the need for rekeying. Resulting in happy customers and lower costs.

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Special handling instructions

Occasionally you may need your standard claims process to vary depending on the parties involved, for example you may need to shorten the FNOL stage or change an SLA if the claimant is deemed to have special needs. In LEAP you can achieve these changes with a Scheme. When a Scheme is loaded, based on a customer record, its process configuration overlays that of the standard claims process, allowing you to change any part of the process as necessary. This can be as simple as adding an additional process step, to changing the wording of a communication or adding additional data fields. Anything that can be defined in a standard workflow can be varied using a Scheme.

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Integrated supply chain management

Often to resolve a claim you must engage with external suppliers, for example your repair network, loss adjustor or other expert. Traditionally this interaction happened separately from your claims system and could include manually chasing updates and relaying information to the claimants. With LEAP’s ProcessWeb subsystem you can allow your partners access to the claim via a web portal, meaning they can enter updates and other information directly into the system, thus eliminating the need for constant chasing and for rekeying data from emails or phone calls. This also means customers have access to the most up to date information and that claim cycle time is significantly reduced.

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Advanced web infrastructure

The inclusion of Web Hook technology and the LEAP messaging server allows for integration with other systems, including your policy management system, payment software and industry databases including CUE, MID, DVLA and PAF.

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Document management and storage

Ensure that all records, including letters, emails, pictures and scanned documents, about the claim are kept together in one, easily accessible place with the document library. Whether they have been sent to you by the claimant, generated within LEAP or uploaded by a team member, all of the relevant documentation can be indexed, searched and filtered for ease of use. Plus, you can also include documents such as reminders into your workflow.

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