LEAP Claims

Why manage claims with LEAP?

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End to end claims management within one system

Rather than using multiple systems for the different parts of your claims management, LEAP includes all of the features you need to manage any claim all the way from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to resolution.

From automatic validation and fraud scoring or relevant triaging to reserves and payment recording and integrated customer records, LEAP enables you to deliver digital, customer focused claims management.

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User interfaces optimised for when you need them

Most systems offer either a desktop user interface or a web version, both of which have associated strengths and weaknesses. LEAP offers you both based on the same configuration, so you get the best of both worlds.

The desktop interface (WPF) allows for a high level of productivity for complex processes and the ability to have two claims open at once, especially useful if you take a call from a customer. The web version, which utilises the latest in HTML5 technology, provides a flexible interface that is available wherever and whenever you need it.

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Ensure your customers are kept in the loop

Include a customer portal in your LEAP system and you give your customers the power to access their information in real-time, improving their customer experience and ensuring they stay informed each step of the way.

Allowing online account access will also save you money, by reducing the volume of calls to your contact centre.

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Track all activity with full audit trails

The activity log tracks all changes and updates to a claim during its progression, creating an audit trail with transparency and accountability.

This information can be used for ensuring regulatory compliance, responding to customer complaints, monitoring productivity and for identifying training needs.

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Secure and scalable enterprise architecture

The implementation of LEAP provides the highest levels of information security, so you can be assured that your system and data is completely safe.

Based on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Internet Information Server, LEAP offers the scalability of the underlying Microsoft enterprise components and can either be self-hosted on site or within a cloud environment. FLOvate offer three versions of LEAP: Standard – hosted by FLOvate in Microsoft Azure. Advance – hosted in your MS Azure environment with configuration access. Enterprise – hosted on your infrastructure (either cloud or physical infrastructure), single or multiple servers in various clustered configurations with full configuration access.

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Utilise data to enable smart insights

Flexible reports and dashboards can be analysed to gain real insights into your data and processes, that can power fact-based decision making.

Utilise the drag and drop function in the report design studio to create reports based on any data within LEAP and export them out to Excel or Word or as PDFs.

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Make the system your own with advanced customisation

Every claims environment is different. LEAP includes over 100 powerful, flexible building blocks that can be easily configured together to create an unrivalled claims management system that is tailored to meet your processes.

Click here to find out more about all of the available features.

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Reduce your admin and other associated costs

Eliminate the need for multiple systems and you eliminate the extra costs and license fees that come with them.

What’s more, with LEAP your costs are based on usage not just number of users. So, you only pay for what you need. Click here to view LEAP’s flexible pricing structure.

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Get a head start with an out of the box claims workflow

The LEAP for claims management solution has got much of the lengthy configuration work already completed.

Based on a six-stage process, workflows and some of the other features have already been built into the system, meaning with some quick customisation you can be up and running in no time at all, and start reaping the benefits of your LEAP system.

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