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LEAP for Claims FAQ

LEAP for Claims supports all parties involved in a claims process. In this LEAP low-code FAQ, we cover some of the business types that benefit from using the LEAP solution:

  • Insurance firms
  • Third party administrators
  • Property repair companies (residential property, commercial property, vehicle, goods, equipment, specialist)
  • Insurance brokers and MGA
  • Other intermediaries (leasing, hire, affinity partners etc)
  • Loss adjusters.
  • Retailers (warranty claims)
  • Corporate in-house claims teams
  • Lawyers

Of course, every business has slightly different processes depending on how they use them. That’s no problem. We designed LEAP for claims so that the processes fit the organisation, rather than the other way around.

At FLOvate, we recognise that that no two claims types are alike. In fact, implementing the same claim type by different parties may vary considerably.

Our aim is that the resulting solution fits like a glove.

To do this, we offer several claims process templates covering the majority of claims types. Next, we refine the template to fit. Our comprehensive questionnaire means we can quickly gather the information required to implement your claim type(s) and the process that suits you best.

The features detailed in How It Works: Claims provide a framework for implementing any claim type to your organisation’s requirements.

This typically takes the form of flow charts and simple process documentation. You can configure the detailed process yourself. Alternatively, our FLOvate analysts are pleased to do this for you.

LEAP has a specialist integration component – The LEAP Messaging Server. This supports both inbound and outbound integrations.

Standard integrations for SMS and Post Office Address File are included out of the box (usage charges apply).

We also have several insurance industry standard integrations available. Integration with payment gateways are our most common type of integration.

Today’s businesses demand flexibility when it comes to hosting.  LEAP is available in three versions to suit your needs:

  • Standard – hosted in the Cloud by FLOvate.
  • Advanced – hosted in the Cloud by your organisation.
  • Enterprise – hosted on-premise, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of both.

FLOvate offers three hosting packages to suit your organisation:

  • Standard: hosted on Microsoft Azure within the EEA.
  • Advanced: hosted on Microsoft Azure in a server centre of your choice.
  • Enterprise: hosted anywhere.

Yes, LEAP is compliant with current GDPR legislation.

The Advance and Enterprise versions of LEAP are hosted on your organisation’s infrastructure. As a result, only you can access your data. The Standard version of LEAP is hosted within a multi-tenanted version of Microsoft Azure. Each organisation has its own secure SQL Server Database and Document Store.

In addition, LEAP has a powerful User Management & Permissions infrastructure. This gives you the power to control which user groups have access to which data.

This is a .NET Desktop Client and A .NET Web Client accessing a suite of Web Services Hosted on Microsoft Internet Information Server. The LEAP Technology Stack has independent secure access to a Microsoft SQL Server Database, and a file-based document store.

Yes, with the Standard version of LEAP.

No. All versions of LEAP can be hosted in a cloud environment.

Yes. Microsoft Azure backs up your data.

Yes, we guarantee 99.9% uptime. What’s more, the Enterprise version of LEAP can deliver rates as high as 99.99%, depending on the server configuration used. We understand how important it is to keep things running smoothly in your business, and will always notify you in advance if we need to carry out any maintenance.

Certainly. All you need is access to the internet.

For customers in the UK and in the EU, we charge UK VAT @ 20%.

We do not charge VAT for customers outside the UK and EU.

FLOvate offers flexible payment options. For example, we accept payment by credit/debit and accept all major brands.

Our UK customers also have the option of paying by Direct Debit.

Finally, we can invoice your organisation. However, we must receive payment before we apply credits to your account.

Our standard billing method is on an activity basis. That is, per user, per month.

However, we can also bill per transaction if that suits you better. Please Contact Us if this is of interest.

Learn more about LEAP Pricing.

Yes! LEAP is designed to be flexible. You can configure your Data Management, Digital Workflows, Contact Database (CRM), document templates, and much more. Do all this via LEAP’s low-code intuitive graphical user interface.

Yes. We offer two face-to-face courses: Standard and Advanced. Each of these takes four days to complete. In addition, our digital portal contains a rich source of comprehensive training materials. These will guide and support you as you become familiar with LEAP.

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