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Why use LEAP for complaints management?

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Improve customer experience

Managed correctly, complaints can be an opportunity to not only improve the experience for future customers, but to turn the complainant into a loyal customer, in a phenomenon know as the complaint recovery paradox. LEAP allows you track, manage and respond to any complaint, no matter where they originate, ensuring that each complaint is dealt with quickly, the customer is kept informed and you can keep your promises. Changing a disgruntled customer into one who will use your service or buy your product again and again.

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Be more efficient and reduce costs

Manage your entire complaints process within LEAP and you can eliminate the need for multiple systems and the costs associated with them. By streamlining and optimising your complaints procedure, you will make the process simpler for your customers and employees, increasing your efficiency and reducing your management costs.

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Ensure compliance

Track, monitor and manage key dates and timescales to ensure your compliance. Many regulatory bodies insist on strict timescales for actions such as formal acknowledgements, resolution notifications and escalations, in LEAP you can use rules, milestones and reminders to ensure that no process step or deadline is missed.

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Fully customisable to fit your process

Every customer, complaint and complaints process is different. To customise your solution, LEAP includes over 100 flexible and powerful functional components or building blocks that can be easily configured together to build a best in class claims systems that meets your specific business requirements.

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Empower your customers

LEAP enables you to include a customer portal in your complaints system, empowering your customers and improving their customer experience. By making your complaints process easy to access, straightforward and transparent you will foster trust in your business, helping to boost customer retention.

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