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LEAP for Complaints FAQ

Any organisation that deals with customers. Our developers have created a range of out-of-the-box complaints templates, complete with embedded best practice.

It is very easy to customise the process with little or no code to suit your precise requirements.

Moreover, we also specialise in regulatory complaints processes. Our standard complaint process has both formal and informal routes. This, in addition to corrective and preventative process streams.

We offer a generic complaint type, which can capture and track any form of complaint. Thanks to its low-code design, LEAP is simple to change. As a result, we can easily flex the system to accommodate any specific data fields that you require, complete with pick fields.

Your LEAP complaints solution is feature-rich with a contact database (CRM). This allows you to define the parties likely to be involved in any complaint.

In addition, the document manage and storage features makes the day-to-day of working with complaints so easy. For example, document templates can be imported from Microsoft Word and configured to automatically merge with data within the system.

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Today’s businesses demand flexibility when it comes to hosting.  LEAP is available in three versions to suit your needs:

  • Standard – hosted in the Cloud by FLOvate.
  • Advanced – hosted in the Cloud by your organisation.
  • Enterprise – hosted on-premise, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of both.

FLOvate offers three hosting packages to suit your organisation:

  • Standard: hosted on Microsoft Azure within the EEA.
  • Advanced: hosted on Microsoft Azure in a server centre of your choice.
  • Enterprise: hosted anywhere.

Yes, LEAP is compliant with current GDPR legislation.

The Advance and Enterprise versions of LEAP are hosted on your organisation’s infrastructure. As a result, only you can access your data. The Standard version of LEAP is hosted within a multi-tenanted version of Microsoft Azure. Each organisation has its own secure SQL Server Database and Document Store.

In addition, LEAP has a powerful User Management & Permissions infrastructure. This gives you the power to control which user groups have access to which data.

This is a .NET Desktop Client and A .NET Web Client accessing a suite of Web Services Hosted on Microsoft Internet Information Server. The LEAP Technology Stack has independent secure access to a Microsoft SQL Server Database, and a file-based document store.

Yes, with the Standard version of LEAP.

No. All versions of LEAP can be hosted in a cloud environment.

Yes. Microsoft Azure backs up your data.

Yes, we guarantee 99.9% uptime. What’s more, the Enterprise version of LEAP can deliver rates as high as 99.99%, depending on the server configuration used. We understand how important it is to keep things running smoothly in your business, and will always notify you in advance if we need to carry out any maintenance.

Certainly. All you need is access to the internet.

For customers in the UK and in the EU, we charge UK VAT @ 20%.

We do not charge VAT for customers outside the UK and EU.

FLOvate offers flexible payment options. For example, we accept payment by credit/debit and accept all major brands.

Our UK customers also have the option of paying by Direct Debit.

Finally, we can invoice your organisation. However, we must receive payment before we apply credits to your account.

Our standard billing method is on an activity basis. That is, per user, per month.

However, we can also bill per transaction if that suits you better. Please Contact Us if this is of interest.

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Yes! LEAP is designed to be flexible. You can configure your Data Management, Digital Workflows, Contact Database (CRM), document templates, and much more. Do all this via LEAP’s low-code intuitive graphical user interface.

Yes. We offer two face-to-face courses: Standard and Advanced. Each of these takes four days to complete. In addition, our digital portal contains a rich source of comprehensive training materials. These will guide and support you as you become familiar with LEAP.

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