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Policy Management

LEAP for Policy Management can help you automate and streamline your processes. Increasing efficiency by minimising the time spent chasing documents and people. Powered by the LEAP low-code platform, it is fully configurable to your processes and your business needs.

Making Policy Management Pain Free

LEAP for Policy Management offers graphical tools to enable you to implement your organisations workflow, for how both data and processes are managed, providing your customers with a state-of-the-art digital experience. With integrated ratings engine, decision engine and robotic process automation, you have the choice of following a FLOvate process flow or one that matches your organisations distinctive services. The powerful CRM allows automated updates for all those involved in the process including the automatic compliance/regulatory checks and/or sign offs where required.

Features that work for you

LEAP includes all of the features you need to improve your policy management process, from customer online portals to real-time dashboards and much more.

Robotic process automation

LEAP can perform a range of tasks automatically and without user involvement. These tasks can be set to run periodically or as a result of another task or action. They can also trigger other tasks, based on your conditions and rules. This automation of process elements can free up time for users and improve accuracy.

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Reports and dashboards

Dashboards are perfect for a more interactive and visual representation of your data. Utilise a range of graphical elements such as charts, tables, graphs and maps to show all your significant data in an easily digestible manner. What is more, the live nature of the dashboard means you can click, filter and drill down further into the data to gain real time insights.

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Integrated workflows

LEAP closely integrates your claims database and associated workflows, into one powerful solution. With configurable workflows, Robotic Process Automation and a vast range or powerful actions, combined with both explicit and implicit artificial intelligence, your digitised policy management process will be optimised, streamlined and improved.

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Customer access portals

With the Customer Portal your customer can track, manage and update information as needed. Specialised web forms and permission settings means they can only see and edit as per your settings.

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Decision engine

Utilise the LEAP decision engine to automate decision making based on your set of rules and conditions. The rule editor can make complicated calculations and rapidly evaluate data sets to minimise the risk of human error and to improve efficiency. If a condition is not met or an error is accounted, the system will flag this to the relevant people for manual checking.

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Automated renewals

Set triggers that contact your customers when their renewal is due, sends reminders and automatic renewals based on your business rules.

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