LEAP Policy

Why manage policies with LEAP?

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Enhanced digital customer experience

The customer journey can be configured to meet your organisations specific requirements. You can publish APIs from within LEAP to make your data, processes and documents available to external systems such as your website.

LEAP enables your customers to login to the system through a customer interface allowing them to participate directly with the process. You can configure a digital journey that engages your customers via email and/or SMS, to keep them up to date, request more information or provide secure access to essential documentation.

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Efficient digital processes

With seamless integration between process and data you can automate actions and digitally assist decision making. Robotic process automation provides you with access to an array of process actions to assist with the configuration of your policy process.

Add in the visual decision designer and rating engine you have all the tools necessary to automate your process to that highest level so you can provide a successful customer experience.

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In line compliance

Configure compliance checks and approvals to be part of your policy process rather than as costly post process additions. Approvals can be easily implemented using matrices and all requests for approval instantly delivered to those providing the required sign off.

Mandatory fields are easily implemented, as are important documentation and milestone/deadline dates. Complaints processes can be easily implemented and automatically linked to a central CRM, with full access to policy data. A comprehensive, but configurable, activity log provides details of every action undertaken during any process.

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Delivering optimal outcomes

An effective policy management process will maximise opportunities to sell new and renew existing policies, whist ensuring all underwriting and regulatory risks are well managed.

LEAP for Policy Management allows you complete control over the configuration of your process, by giving you access to digital tools which can speed up that process and implement checks, both regulatory and underwriting, via automation or assisted execution. This means you get a fast, digital process that will impress new customers, retains existing customers and implement all the necessary data collection and execute the required decision matrices.

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