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Digital Claims Processing – What Does The Future Hold? Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our article examining what the future of Digital Claims Processing holds. If you missed Part 1, in which we covered personalised policies, FNOL, assessment and investigation; click here and we’ll see you back shortly. Otherwise, let’s continue on with the next stage of the digital claims process – Adjudication. Adjudication […]

Digital Claims Processing – What Does The Future Hold? Part 1

Digital Claims Welcome to Part 1 of “Digital Claims Processing”, in which we take a look at creating an effective claims strategy. A strategy that utilises digital within the claims process to deliver better claims effectiveness, efficiency and customer experience. Digital claims is a hot topic in the fast-moving insurance world. Competitive forces are driving […]

Why Choose MICology for Process Innovation?

Simple, Fast and Intuitive. Effective, Efficient, and Customer Focused. This is what FLOvate believes your software solution should be for you organisation. Watch our video to learn about LEAP and how FLOvate will work with you to build a software solution that fits perfectly with your business requirements.

Should I Build or Buy Software?

Build or Buy: when looking for a software solution to a business problem you traditionally have two choices. Licence a commercial product that may not meet all your requirements, or build a bespoke system at greater cost. We’d like to introduce you to a third option: LEAP low-code software.

What is Process Improvement?

When I was asked to write this article, I thought I would look on the internet and see what definitions came up. I was more than a little disappointed, especially considering some of the sources. My fundamental criticism of the definitions I found is that they give you no idea of what has improved about the process. At a recent FLOvate workshop we asked the question ‘What is Process Improvement?’ We also asked with an opinion as to whether each factor identified was tactical (used to support strategic factors) or strategic?

A Guide to Process Modelling

You have decided that you want to use software to automate one or more of your processes, to increase productivity, reduce inefficiencies and make businesses improvements. But, what do you do next?

What Part Does Low-Code Play in Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation can be defined as the integration of technology into all aspects of an organisation. This transformation can look different business to business but will result in fundamental changes to business operating processes and how they interact with customers, competitors and suppliers. There are many reasons why an organisation decides it is the right […]