10 Steps to Convert a Spreadsheet Managed Process Into a System

10 Steps To Convert A Spreadsheet Process Into A System guides you through the key elements of transitioning from Excel to a business process management system. As you will see, this process is simple when using LEAP by MICology. The benefits are many. First, you will secure your data. Second, you will eliminate many of […]

10 Laws of Software Estimating

Why are software projects so difficult to estimate? Having spent over 250 combined years in the business of software estimating, the MICology team has devised the ‘10 Laws of Software Estimating’. In this article, we explain why accurate software estimating is so difficult – and how the LEAP low-code platform can help you overcome the […]

Digital Claims Processing – What Does The Future Hold? Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our article examining what the future of Digital Claims Processing holds. If you missed Part 1, in which we covered personalised policies, FNOL, assessment and investigation; click here and we’ll see you back shortly. Otherwise, let’s continue on with the next stage of the digital claims process – Adjudication. Adjudication […]

Digital Claims Processing – What Does The Future Hold? Part 1

Digital Claims Welcome to Part 1 of “Digital Claims Processing”, in which we take a look at creating an effective claims strategy. A strategy that utilises digital within the claims process to deliver better claims effectiveness, efficiency and customer experience. Digital claims is a hot topic in the fast-moving insurance world. Competitive forces are driving […]

Is AI Smarter Than Humans?

Machines can solve problems very effectively. Using software, we can perform analyses involving incredibly complex calculations many times faster than the most proficient mathematician. Accurate, yes. Fast, most definitely. But is AI smart? It depends how you define intelligence, explains Edwin Harrell of digital business process management software business, MICology. Convergent vs Divergent Thinking Is […]

Should I Build or Buy Software?

Build or Buy: when looking for a software solution to a business problem you traditionally have two choices. Licence a commercial product that may not meet all your requirements, or build a bespoke system at greater cost. We’d like to introduce you to a third option: LEAP low-code software.

Low Code or No Code?

When it comes to process management solutions, low code software is superior to no code. MICology, behind the LEAP low-code business process management platform, explain why. Increasingly, senior management teams are looking to digitally transform their organisations. They are under pressure to move away from analogue methods that tie people to geography and device, to […]

What is Process Improvement?

When I was asked to write this article, I thought I would look on the internet and see what definitions came up. I was more than a little disappointed, especially considering some of the sources. My fundamental criticism of the definitions I found is that they give you no idea of what has improved about the process. At a recent FLOvate workshop we asked the question ‘What is Process Improvement?’ We also asked with an opinion as to whether each factor identified was tactical (used to support strategic factors) or strategic?

What Does That Mean? Common Tech Terms Explained

Acronyms, abbreviations and unusual words. Whenever you are introduced to a new world there are lots of terms that are mentioned on websites and in blogs that you are just expected to know. Here we list the meanings of some of the most common terms that can be found in the worlds of process automation and business software, in easy to understand, bitesize chunks. If there are additional terms that you come across that are not listed, please let us know and we will add them.

Process Cycle Time Reduction

Cycle time is the elapsed time between the start and end of a process. In processes where cycle time is important it is usually measured in days. Examples of these types of processes are mortgage application, insurance claim, grant application, finance application and complaints. Cycle time reduction enhances customer experience for multiple reasons. Read our article to learn more.