10 Steps to Convert a Spreadsheet Managed Process Into a System

10 Steps To Convert A Spreadsheet Process Into A System guides you through the key elements of transitioning from Excel to a business process management system. As you will see, this process is simple when using LEAP by MICology. The benefits are many. First, you will secure your data. Second, you will eliminate many of […]

Why Choose MICology for Process Innovation?

Simple, Fast and Intuitive. Effective, Efficient, and Customer Focused. This is what FLOvate believes your software solution should be for you organisation. Watch our video to learn about LEAP and how FLOvate will work with you to build a software solution that fits perfectly with your business requirements.

5 Reasons to Move From Spreadsheets to System

5 Reasons To Move From Spreadsheets to System will help you understand the benefits of breaking up with Excel. FLOvate’s Edwin Harrell looks at the five weaknesses inherent in spreadsheets, and helps you build your case for investing in a business process management system such as LEAP Low Code by FLOvate.