The 6 Minute App (Video)

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One of the most common scenarios we come across is where clients have a business process that they are managing manually – and would love a system app to organise and automate it. But they don’t have the budget or time. 

In this video, we take a look at just how quick and easy it is for us to implement a system for you using LEAP. In around 6 minutes we go from a blank workspace to a live system for managing complaints.

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From here, our analysts can help you to:

  1. Implement workflow to automate parts of the process
  2. Create document templates
  3. Build dashboards for your real-time analytics.

… All of which can be done just as simply, with no up-front cost to you.

Take a look at the workflow video to get an idea of how easy it is with LEAP. Want to learn more? Book your personal demo today.