4 Big Trends Shaking Up The Digital World – Notes From Facebook’s David Morrisey

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Happy Friday! So here we are, back at the office fresh from yesterday’s 34th Business Show 2015 at Olympia. It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic business owners from so many different walks of life. We hope that you’ll stay in touch. If you missed the powerful keynote by Facebook’s David Morrisey ‘Powerfully Talking to Customers Throughout the Marketing Funnel’ then you can catch the notes right here on the FLOvate blog. 

We think that the quality and amount of content on show was phenomenal and I’m sure you’ll agree. From the blast-away-the-cobwebs keynote by Rockstar Mentoring Group’s Jonathan Pfahl, to the educational sessions by  for example Annica Digital‘s Ann Stanley: there were plenty of top tips to take away.

However the session of the day for me was by Facebook’s David Morrisey. His Keynote ‘Powerfully Talking to Customers Throughout the Marketing Funnel’ provided a great insight into the key forces shaking up the digital marketing world. If you missed it, you might find the roundup below of use.

The 4 Big Digital Business Trends to Watch Are:

  1. Desktop to Mobile: No surprise that mobile is sucking up our media consumption. But it was the stat that 82% of time spent on mobile is spent using apps that’s key.  In the consumer world, this means that we no longer have the luxury of showing users pages and pages of products; it has to be focused right down to 3-4 perfect items that we know, through your behaviour, that you are most likely to buy.
  2. Big Screen to Small Screen: 10 years’ ago, the idea that viewing content on a little tablet would ever be preferable to watching a TV would have been laughable. Not any more.
  3. Single Device to Multi Device: Dave made the point that following the customer journey used to be as difficult as following someone to another country. But technology means we can now show the right message, to the right people, at the right time. People-based marketing is now possible. We can tell stories. We can drip-feed our marketing message across channels, across the timelines we choose. And we can personalise our message at scale – something that we tried to do with cookies, and can now do properly.
  4. Search To Discovery: in a world full of internet overload, we want better ways to do things without having to search for it – whether that’s events happening in your town, or fun ideas for a Friday night. The idea of social discovery is that apps can take a heap of data, such as your ‘likes,’ location and activity pulled from Facebook for example, and serve up personalised experiences. In turn, we reduce the reliance on search engines.

Fascinating times for start-ups and marketers at large!

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Credit: Sean MacEntee